Friday, June 24, 2005

rainy days are here again...

e ano naman? lalo lang ako natatamad pumasok.
we've been having this series of family affairs. kakapagod.
i broke my personal record of staying up for 36 hours last friday till sunday. 42 hours. and it didn't even feel like it. i woke up around 9:30 friday morning then went to my teaching job. i drove to work to makati friday night then to antipolo saturday morning. i was soooo sleepy. then, after a small family squabble, i went to cubao a little before lunchtime for my neice's dedication. went back to makati to decorate the production floor. went back home around 6pm (just to take a bath), then to timog to see a show at zirkoh, then back home (finally) to antipolo at 2am sunday.
sunday night (well, it was actually monday morning already) found me back in the streets of metro manila. hayayay, i had to drive from sta. mesa to antipolo kasi my cousin dragged me para maghatid ng relatives.
what pisses me off: i have family who are totally inconsiderate people. they all knew that i lack sleep but still, they push me to the limits talaga. i'd say no, but bad shot ako sa kanilang lahat if i did. siguro, they simply could not understand the nature of my jobs, noh? staying up all night, plus my toxic morning schedules interjected with a few hours of sleep can kill. i wonder why i'm still alive...
anyway, i came in at 3am today for work. lakas ng ulan and the creek around our village was flooded. so what i did was hang out muna with raena. lamig.
am thinking of udders and helium again. i just can't figure out why i can't think specifically of cows and balloons instead. i wonder how it feels to milk a cow.
school was okay today. i finally got to finish the change mat thingy. but i kept falling asleep during my first class. sir burgos hopes that i remember my art history.
wish ko din.

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coconutalk said...

how can you actually stay awake for that long?! the longest ive been awake was 27hours.. and i wanted to die nalang.