Tuesday, October 04, 2005

currently reading: norweigan wood by haruki murakami
currently listening to: elvis costello because i have this need to be miserable, haha!
currently feeling: drunk, but sober, mostly confused, but set...nervous because my students haven't finished their competition pieces yet, and competition is this october already. undecided about a trip to cebu, because that means babysitting my students and wearing highly conservative outfits for the convention. no way. hehe, i just made my decision.
drinking: double espresso grande frappuccino
eating: donuts and contemplating whether i should eat my soupy snax or not
thinking: what the hell am i still doing here?
state of mind: floating
last sunday night, eten and i went to ynares to check out the tiangge. chrissele and ate ting have a stall and are selling their bags na sooper cheap.
we didn't make suyod all the stalls kasi in less than 15 minutes, i already spent Php500 on accessories. we'll just go back there after a few weeks.
eten and i bought 2 hats each. really really pretty but probably will turn out useless. unless i want to create a new fashion statement, right?
kasi whenever i wear them, parang i have to drink tea in dainty little cups while watching my peers play tennis in their garden. imagine, my friends doing backhands in a garden in front of the mansion in their estate. or parang even docking the titanic while clasping tiny white lacy handkerchiefs while waving goodbye teary-eyed to the model T ford where i just left my dogs.
hay...now, i am broke. i just paid bills. i alsoi forgot that i had to pay for those avon products that i bought a month ago just because i had to buy them for the sake of just buying. well, they are necessities, after all! oh well, whatever they are, they just made me poorer today.
and i was looking forward to checking out tiendesitas after next payday with raens. haha! the poor little girl with a mini cooper...that only means that we have to save up to go shopping. still, whatever it takes, i will go shopping!
i have set aside the thoughts of going to divisoria to get materials for my junk jewelry business. i still have to finish up the sem. just one more class then i'll be free for a few weeks. then it's manila week for me. i'm touring manila for a project we're starting up. joy has ideas, and i like them. will be posting updates in the future.
mental note: pressure a friend to do something worthwhile. pressure is good sometimes. i'm putting my neck at risk here, but what the heck. it must be about me first. and it feels right to me.

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