Friday, October 07, 2005


yesterday, i went to UP really sleepy. so instead of studying my notes, i fell asleep inside the car. i parked at the bahay ng alumni because i wanted to drink coffee, but the car aircon felt much better that i opted to stay in the car a liitle bit longer. however, i got too comfy and grabbed my blanket and slept instead. i woke up around 11:30 and decided to have lunch. at least eating would keep me awake long enough so that i could study.

anyway, in class, ms. narciso gave us back our 3rd exam. we got an uno! thanks to my groupmates (these are the guys who don't accessorize eh), the lay-out was astig. good thing i got assigned to that group. kasi i was looking at the other works e most of them looked tacky. kasi nga, too much interest in design leads to bad design. haha! that was the statement we had to write an essay about. the final exam was really easy. i hope i pass.

i left UP earlier than usual, driving with a smile on my face, basking in an uno na i haven't had for years. malamang, ngayon na lang ulit ako nag-aral eh. the weather was just right and antonio carlos jobim in my ipod complemented the whole scene. i was feeling bright, too bright, that i didn't even notice that my gas tank was almost empty. i was still feeling light when i used the last P200 in my wallet to buy gas.

nice day.

i woke up with a headache, though. i decided to go on a half-day and left antipolo at 1am. it was super foggy and the rain came in those small thin sharp drops.Image hosted by

i'm going to cavite later.

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