Wednesday, October 05, 2005

it's a lovely world out there

it's so ironic that inspite of everything, i still stay.
today,i had the most wonderful and longest sleep ever for this week. 6 hours of blissful rest. the weather in antipolo is just lovely. cloudy and cool. our messy bedroom seemed to have been shrouded by a feel tha gave me a melatonin high. i couldn't even bring myself to read my design theory notes or even norweigan wood. i just took a cool bath and lied down on my sister's smelly bed. the sandman couldn't have been much nicer. in a few minutes, before i could even say "here i go," i fell asleep. the house was empty except for me, and the silence was a gift.
enough sleep does bring wonders. i drove to work with a lot of thoughts and my marathon monologues were filled with giggles. me, in the car, laughing at myself with myself. sometimes it really helps laughing at our misfortunes and troubles. we eventually see how shallow everything is and a light heart gives us a clearer view on things. i still haven't found answers to a lot of questions, but at least, i know everything's gonna be all good.
lovely. i smell of tiger migraine attacks are more frequent now. i still can feel the stress brought about by everything i do. sometimes i just want to run away from it all, but i guess running away from reality is a stupid thing. like the trip to galera last year. no plans, no money, but galera was heaven. then the trip back home was like a cold wave of scary reality washing you up and leaving you empty again. that's one for the birds. i have to survive all these. i have to, i have to find myself. i might as well go to south africa haha. but what the heck. i have a lot of loving people surrounding me. and i am content.
i wish tonight would pass quickly. i still have to study. i'm thankful the sem's almost over. i wish i just could breeze through my remaining subjects. para one thing less in my mind.
i just finished reading "the alchemist." my officemates, too, have read the book just recently. it is funny that the book affected everyone of us personally. talaga, when you work in a call center, you just can't seem to fulfill your purpose in life.
the world has a lot to offer talaga. i am currently involved with joy's project. bringing art to the mass. it has a lot to offer. letting real everyday people experience the fine arts. or even go guerilla,ika nga ni joy.i love the idea of utilizing the venues these people live their lives, in the polluted and congested slabs of land where strangers come and go. where people pass and continue with the monotony of working the oddest of the oddest jobs, and hunger, of trading their wares for crumpled bills reeking of the smell of fish, and even poverty. where people that never had the luxury of being enveloped by the experience of a living thing that is actually called art breathe. urban.
anyway before all that,we still have to go about with working on a permit. and work on the financial part. big time.
it's an amazing idea, street art. we will have to go public. anyone interested, we'll be working in manila first. message me in case you want to join. we need all the support we can get.
actually, a lot of artists have started the movement here in the philippines. this exhibit at least, well, will be legal. ehhehehe.
joy has been bugging me to work for a long time already. and now, finally, we found a project to share.
here i go.


thinking out loud said...

this is such a positive entry abs! i'm happy coz you're in a much lighter mode now. i will pray that you stay in this kind of state in a long long time. kahit minsan meron badtrip we have to snap out of it kaagad! dapat lang malapit na christmas!

merry christmas abs! hehehhe!

abba said...

merry christmas ganda! lapit na tayo mag christmas shopping! hehe!