Wednesday, October 19, 2005

god. all i want to do now is stay home, paint and sleep. and occassionaly go out for a drink. i hate makati. i hate work. i keep missing work, or the earlier part of it. i've been coming in at 2 am for a few days now.

it would be so much nicer if i could just kick of my shoes (slippers pala), put my miserable feet up and read the dozen of books waiting for me...if i could only get paid while doing that...tsk tsk...

i admire the people who could easily squeeze a multitude of tasks in their 24 hours. ay, ako pala yun. but the thing is, i keep falling asleep around 4 am. in the office. pangit ,right?

i'm getting a new tattoo on saturday. i remember when i was a kid, i was so scared of getting all scratched up and bloody. and i dread going to the hospital to get poked with needles. and now i get hooked to getting tattooed. 3 tattoos in 1 year. crazy. self-inflicted pain na ang trip ko. at least i don't do drugs! haha!

i have to make studies for the exhibit and at least come up with a few lines for the paper. i am thrilled but the thrill tires me. i guess i have to clean up my act and reorganize. i still have to think of which to let go first. i have a feeling that i'll be letting go of everything eventually and then i have to brace myself to become a starving artist. but if it'll help me lose weight, why not?

i overslept today. from 1:30 to 11:30. and i still am sleepy. me and my hormonal imbalance.

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