Tuesday, October 18, 2005

it's a small world after all


last saturday, i met up with my dada and mom in makati after we had our derma treatment. that same morning, they went to dad's cousin's house to discuss a project.

okay, flashback: my officemate and good friend, pearl, introduced me to her bestfriend, ambie a few weeks back. they were classmates from highschool.

it turns out that ambie is may dad's cousin. so she's my aunt. and i have a second-degree cousin working for convergys, too. tj raymundo. but i haven't met him yet. he's in the 6th floor i think.

something more amazing:
just tonight, my new officemate berna ( who's getting a tattoo on saturday! whee!) was looking at her friend's friend's friendster site. i took a look, too because her pictures were kinda cool. very artistic, too. the girl lives in california. and she had a picture with a blonde girl.

i asked berna to look up her friends to see if she knows someone named lia. yup, she's lia montalvan's friend. and bandmate. amazing.

and yoshee knows korki, a friend i met in the college of music. and peaches and chelle and drei, girls from FA. they were schoolmates in st. paul.


that reminds me to add up lia pala sa friendster.

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