Tuesday, October 25, 2005


saturday morning was cloudy and warm and it seemed like a nice day. it was unusual for us to waste saturday, but amazingly enough, only reng, elaine and i were left. had the usual girl talk. neil came and talked to reng while i thought of other things. those other things, i dare not disclose for all the world to see, haha!
anyway, elaine went home early and that left reng and me. we strolled through the walkway that led to greenbelt. we went surfing the net in that highly fashionable and hip internet shop where their screensavers are of deither ocampo and jerry yan. ewwww.
we were actually having lazy fits but voted not to go home yet. i was waiting for something to happen, and again do not dare mention it here. we agreed to stay and ordered cold coffee at coffee bean and tea leaf. we settled ourselves under a sunbrella(that's what the tag on it says), and talked about things. these are mainly things normal girls would talk about, but reng did it in a very professional shrink-like fashion. oh, come on, as if it didn't come to your mind that fast. we talked about boys! well, we talked about boys, and career, the future, astronomy, life paths, and other issues that we can label as more intellectual than the latest showbiz news and where to get accessories that don't actually go with what you would try to wear if you finally think you're fashionable enough and have enough character to get away with it.
okay. that came out unexpectedly.
back to reng and me talking under the sunbrella(which we all know came from the tag on it)...
reng, my shrink, had just declared that i'm too much of a virgo. i agree.
we decided to go home around 2 pm. we went back to get the car, but found ourselves chatting more while sitting on the walkway's stairs.
i ended up talking about the torch i'm carrying for this certain guy that i've always been in love with. well, i only admitted that fact to myself early this year. reng told me to tell him, but it's a make or break thing. but of course, it doesn't even matter if i do tell him. i'm not actually scared of rejection, i'm more scared of us falling apart.well, in one way or another, if i do find the guts to tell him, i'll lose him. he might: a) reject me, throw away our friendship and leave me to die miserably; or b) do nothing about it, stay friends with me, and let me die miserably.
but at least i get to unburden this poor heart of mine. reng suggested i take it as more of a challenge. oh well. i got to thinking about my looney attack a few months back. it was triggered by the thought of me being unable to say the things that i want to say badly. i'm thinking what the heck, i'll share this one. and the smartest would know. maybe later. or maybe tomorrow.
me and reng in the car:
me: tingnan mo, ang dami ko ng wrnkles!
reng: wala pa naman eh
me:magkakaroon na yan.i'm old na eh. i'll turn into a prune!
reng: a what?
me: a prune! old and wrinkled and shriveled up. kulay prune na ba ko?
reng: di pa naman. but, prunes are healthy and sweet.
me: i'm a prune!!! waaaaah!!
reng: at least try to be the pitted ones in that case. para you won't have the hard core that everyone would want to spit out.
meet abba, the pitted prune.


Mary said...

well, NOW you're a virgo - thankfully. Someone should've told you that you have a CAPACITY to have very good taste much earlier! hehe

abba said...