Friday, January 26, 2007

" ang 'ebak' ay isang concrete noun na hindi pwede hawakan"

- jumar

this was said a few minutes before davis proved jumar wrong. oh the things that happen when there are kids around.

do you have any idea how tiring it is to spend 5 days with kids not your own? well, for one thing, it wasn't too bad, but i swear i can do another week without seeing any of them.

the camp went well. no major accidents, just a few scraped knees and a few heads got bumped while swimming. i slept mostly during the afternoons. it rained everyday as expected. everyone was agreeable and only a handful threw tantrums. the food was greasy and i think i gained weight. the weather didn't help burn the calories.

well, i had fun. and i'm sure the kids did, too.

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