Tuesday, January 09, 2007


mum and i went to the bank today. she wants her account under our names. unfortunately, it turns out that i don't have a valid ID. the bank won't accept the tempo ID so mum had to scold me for not going to marikina where i can get the plastic one ng same day. weh, buti nga i got one pa. haha. my passport's expired and i keep putting off getting a new one kasi i don't think i'm going anywhere just yet. i'm too lazy to get up in the mornings to get my social security. the voter's ID never came. and i am AWOL this sem. smsd bebb to get me a form 5 so i can use my school ID. weh.

got home, scarfed down a lot of salad, a burger, and lobster balls.

ok. got to check papers. i need coffee.

a few more days and i'll be off my catatonia.

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