Sunday, January 07, 2007

uh oh...

can't sleep...

i tried but i really can't. it's too hot. i'm on the couch, typing and watching house. i said goodnight to everyone already and mikkey's asleep already. he's not feeling well since yesterday. kawawa naman si pogiboy...i hope he feels better tomorrow.

deleted a hundred of junk mail and saw some funny ones sa friendster inbox ko:

Hello friend,
Im 27, foreigner, i want to make friend with you if
its ok with you.
Im in Manila more than 2 years, but i still dnt know
much about tagalog hehehe.
If you dnt mind, can we be friends? Im happy to
know more about you. I really want to know you
more. If its ok with you, can you txt me? My cp
number is 09275910150
My email is
Thank you.
oh, ok. obviously you still dont know much about english, either.

Subject: hi cute
Message: just dropping by just to say HELLO to a woman
whose beautiful face hanging around the corner of
my heart. takecare always.........
weh panalo!
i now have a license. russ went with me to LTO and yoshee came din. wow. took forever. now, i can go to tagaytay. wahehee...oh, i've been there twice na pala without a license. haha, i could've gone for a year pa without it except mum wanted me to go with her sa bank. and i need a valid id. wahaha. kasi my passport's expired, i don't have my sss,tin,and voter's. ayus. well.
yesterday, lets (lelets according to mikkey) called me up. she wanted to get foot treatment and some other stuff. spent four hours sa parlor. grabe. funny, the bading wanted na rebond hair ko. ang galing daw kasi natural ung kulot,ang ganda, kaya magsawa na daw ako. haha. ang labo talaga ng people, pag kulot, paparebond, pag straight, papakulot.
cheenee brought me a sonja cupcake. how sweet.
ok, i'm gonna sleep na talaga. i will try. promise.

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