Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i’ve been having weird dreams lately. And I always wake up with a start. I don’t think they’re nightmares. Just terrible terrible dreams. And they always make my heart beat fast.

Two nights ago, I dreamt of this place filled with weird people. Well, normal people actually, but somewhat rowdy. I went into this big communal bathroom and a girl kissed me. She was older and lesbian, but the lipstick type. After she kissed me, she made me kneel down and she made me open my mouth. She covered her hand with cloth, felt like terry cloth, dark pink. She put her hand in my mouth, palm up. I felt her drilling her nail into my upper palette and it hurt a lot. I could feel her tear through the hard palette. I could taste blood in my mouth. I pushed her away and she made a weird comment I can’t remember. She kinda told me that I looked surprised because I thought she want capable of doing that or something.

I woke up from the dream running away from someone else. And a sore lip because the skin cracked.

Today, I woke up because I was being attacked by rabid cats. Death to all cats.


Yesterday, I went around with dad. We went to banks and the lending people and the contractors. We didn’t meet up with the ticketing agent because PAL’s server is down. They still don’t have tickets and they’re supposed to leave on the 6th. Oh well. We went to the SSS office in Pasig but their server was also down, too. PLDT’s fault, I guess. We didn’t accomplish much, but ended up having coffee and banoffee pie in Starbucks in the Tiendesitas area. I drove home and had to listen to dad tell me what to do and which lane I should be in. haha. Oh, I will miss him.

Got home early and spent a few hours tweaking my blog and chatting with russ and hunny. I’m thinking of reworking on how I blog so dad could read it when he’s far away na from his favorite daughter. Weh. Joke lang un. He’s banned pa din! Haha!

Cheenee came over with an ice cream cake from haagen-dazs. Yummy.

Went to the studio and worked on a company profile. Will tell you about it in time. Baka maudlot and everything. We don’t want that to happen now, don’t we? Napilitan tuloy si mikkey to stay up and make kwento while I work. Antukin kasi. Went to sleep as soon as hunny said goodnight a little before midnight kasi naluluha na daw sha everytime mag yawn sha. Hehe. Aga. Amazing.

I woke up a little early than the usual today. Because I lost a sock and my right foot got cold. Fell asleep again after I got comfy. And woke up again text messages kept coming in. And yeah, because of the filthy cats.


Yesterday, when we were in the SSS office, we met with a family friend. She works there so it should’ve been easy for us to get the IDs if it weren’t for the tech problems. She started commenting on how I’d be happy with mum and dad away. Well, dad said he knows. Probably felt that I need space, too. Honestly, I am feeling weird about the whole thing already. When we got home, I hugged Ali and told her that I’ll miss her and I started crying.


Happy birthday, tyrone, na hindi binabasa ang blog ko!

Salamat for lunch.

mum made bilin na a lot of things. i got depressed.
but i'm sure i'll be fine. i hope so.

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Jossie said...

abba scary ng mga dreams mo. natatakot ako. promise.