Tuesday, January 02, 2007

gulo thoughts for the new year

oh holy kamote, i am so not ready to go back to work. i just wanna stay home and read, paint and starve myself. uh oh, and i can't afford to come in late anymore. hmp.

cheenee made calls aroung 4pm asking me to drive for them so we could go to starbucks. i wanted to go online first and since she had to call everyone and take a bath, i was able to check my mail and blog a little. nothing interesting really online. but i was able to catch russ online.

cheenee called again(well, thrice) on my cellphone, asking non-important stuff. finally she calls to say that she's ready and everybody's at her place already. i unplugged the wires from the laptop and rushed to look for clothes. i was wearing knee-length denim shorts and a white shirt, still not ready, bad tita...went to the bedroom, found ten sitting on the bed clipping her nails. went throught the closet looking for clean jeans and shirts. found nothing. scrambled through clean laundry, found nothing. not even clean jeans. sorted whatever's dry or drying, nothing. the hamper for dirty laundry was overflowing and ten announced that ate marlyn hasn't finished the washing after i figured that out on my own.

grabbed the black girly shirt with gold print and puff sleeves i wore for lunch last saturday from the clothesline, slipped on brown striped flats and tied my hair. ayan, semi-formal na ko. semi ung shorts, formal ung shirt. i went nextdoor and jan opened the gate, laughed at what i was wearing, cheenee and kim came and checked me out, laughed at me, too. oh well. yeah, laugh all you want. eh just last friday, my friend aeah told her bestfriend(and yup, i was there) how weird i dress up. hey, what's wrong with the way i dress up?i am not weird. people are just boring.(quoting raens here)

had grande espresso frap with two extra shots and vanilla syrup. kuya arnold got pizza from yellow cab but passed kasi pepperoni eh. after coffee, went to tyrone's place for dinner(oh no, kain na naman). anniv ng parents nya. well, i didn't overdo dinner. hehe.

after the party, went to cheenee's and watched 3 episodes of house. picked on leftover turkey and fought over the cheesecake from diamond hotel. pinakamasarap na i ever tasted. but shempre, tyrone's cheesecake pa rin ang panalo. went back home and attempted to clear the stuff off my bed.

hunny had said goodnight a few hours ago. kaya i decided to go online para antukin. and now am all alone listening to the mp3s russ uploaded sa laptop ko. ayus, music from the 90's and beyond. haha.

i have a few projects for myself. i want to make teeny paintings for dad to take to hawaii. so he won't forget. nye. as if naman, how could he forget, eh everytime he'll stare sa mirror, i'm sure he'll remember me. still thinking of what to get for mum, ali, and ten. patattooan ko na nga lang si ten ng pangalan ko para maalala nya na may ate shang naghihirap hahah! whatever. am going to greenhills tomorrow. will probably get them things they can use. katulad ng microwave o kaya juicer. or flashlight. o kaya key chain.haha! shempre natawa ko sa joke ko.

ok so now, russ' tentative menu for 5 on jan 5:

breaded chicken breast fillet with capers and lemon butter
salad (just lettuce and vinegrette or whatever)
pasta (still undecided, but it would be tomato or oil based)
maraming coke for yoshee
peach crepes

sana may car ako para makapagdala ko ng turbo hehe.

sunday, when we visited papang, i saw this huge tarpaulin calendar tita jo, a widow, posted near the bedroom door. it had a picture of her late husband, tito jun.

me to the calendar : "ayuz, ka tito jun, patay tayo jan."

patawa talaga ko.

oh. i didn't get a tattoo this year pala. kasi last year i vowed na to get one for every year na i remain single. eh when september came, wala akong budget haha. reng even asked me nga nung october kung may boyfrind na ko, kala ko concerned sa lovelife ko, yun pala gusto lang sumabay nung bf nya when i get one ulit. hay. single kasi, susumpa pa...getting one again soon. para ipasara na so i would stop. but this will be big. meron na ko naisip na design. nyaknyaknyak.

i sold a painting last saturday. tee hee thanks sa lucky charm ko na seloso.
ohh,last january, i bet pala my ass na maging good year ang 2006 for me. tee hee...i get to keep my ass.


thinking out loud said...

miss you too abs! daming kwento nakakatamad lang mag post. i'll see you as soon as we get back. take good care of yourself. don't get affected by those boring people. hehehe. love you!

abba said...

can't wait! =) hanep sa boots ha.hehe