Sunday, December 17, 2006


mum handed me my money for this payday. i still get to shake my head everytime i get my pay. i used to make 4 times back when i was working in makati. and then i get to think, will it be worth it if i go back?

4 hours of miserable sleep everyday. recurring gastro thing. bad lungs. allergy.


i told nowel that i'm thinking of going back to work. makikipagplastican na naman daw ako at mabobo at di na makakapagpinta. oo nga naman. at madami kaming plans sa grupo.

well, let's wait for january.


sms from reng : lab c abba? ang hirap kc paniwalaan! c sarcastic,procrastinating abba in lav?!

ha?!!ganyan ba ako?! WTF?!! haha!
i was thinking. is there a pill or something that lessens the intensity of an emotion? kunyari, prozac for the happy. haha. baliw daw ako, baliw! well, i guess i do deserve to be happy naman. i'm pleased to announce that my big cloud of depression had floated away. my skies are all clear now. and it's a weird relief that i can identify other emotions now.
sabi sa akin ni madame reng, di daw pwede pagsamahin ang air and land signs, ang libra at virgo. sabi ko, bakit hindi? kasi daw conservative ang virgos and ang librans, liberated. sabi ko, huwattt?! ako conservative. not in the christian sense daw, but kasi articulate and consistent daw ako at baka hindi mainitindihan ng librans ang mood swings ko. si ako pa, very much a virgo. sabi ko mejo contradicting naman un sa nangyayari. ingat daw ako kasi librans are promiscuous. ahahhahaha!! ayus. di bale, dog naman sha kaya, dependable, honest, and loyal ang libran ko. hehe.
ala lang.
dec 18.
lets texted me if i had plans na for the day. since wala pang definite anything, i agreed to accompany her to the parlor. xmas party nila eh. ok din naman because i wanted to get my foot scrubbed. may pintura pa kasi. hehe. parang di ako naligo nakakahiya.
now i have red toenails. ramdam ko na ang pasko.
ten has a mean tummy ache na nagraradiate to her back. i hope it's not serious. probably stress-related daw or muscle pain. if masakit pa daw after the meds, kelangan nya mag pacheck ng kidney. poor thing. her eyes na are puffy. i hope she gets better soon.
i promised na i'll write something sensible. i don't think it's possible. kasi i am mad. kasi i'm in love with a probinsyanong hip hop- a scot who eats freaky balut eggs.ewww. hehe.


russ said...

kilig ako... hehehe... un lang... hahaha...

abba said...

nye! ako din kilig. haha! ewan. harharhar.

hazimeister said...

hun gots hooker nails...