Thursday, December 21, 2006


i am feeling weird and kinda sick in the stomach. i think i'm dreading something that's coming. i don't even know what. oh. must be the holidays. wehehe. i will be hearing na naman my friends tell me, uy, malami ang pasko mo... aye, malamang nasa antipolo ako. my feet nga are cold in the mornings eh.
but really, this is kinda ugly. i'm thinking, fault. i wouldn't have this problem if i wasn't malandi in the first place. oh well, anjan na yan, anu pa ba magawa but face the consequences.
i just feel too tired and wasted. and to think i just stayed indoors all day. i didn't even turn on the lights until it got really dark. what do i really want? this is so annoying. i hate this day. it's too gloomy. and globe can't load. wala na ko load bummer. good bye world. for now. until globe gets fixed.
ho hum.
finally i was able to speak with blytheee. i got myself a party on saturday. will be cooking for 8 people.
oh bad back. just below the lungs. parang my back is so unstretched. haha. i need a good back rub. uh oh...tomorrow's a long drive from antipolo to quezon city to tagaytay to taguig to cubao then back home. yari my back. and my wallet. all that for a stupid party. ehehehhe.
bored. bored. errr. i need something to do tonight. blah blah.
hmm..mangangapitbahay muna ko for tilapia and atchara. and may baon ako century egg. heheh. baduy. kawawa naman ako, ala decent food here. i dont want to cook. katamad. it's too cold to move.
wala kayong kwentang lahat world! hala, nababaliw na naman ako. i found myself talking with myself na naman, pero dalawa pa lang kaming nag-uusap. weh, i'm a stupid human being. i need a beer. ahahhaha. makol, asan na ba kaw?!!! hehehe, bukas mga equally-baliw friends ko pala kasama ko. si jez, joy, and nowel. ayan na naman!! tulog tyo! addzhhhhhhhhhtttt!! tawern! sabog ka ba?!
oi, hindi ah...

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