Saturday, December 16, 2006

hello the holidays and other stories

whoa. i tried to avoid food but sha ang nag chaCHARGE! papunta sa akin. good luck.
yesterday, i went to shangri-la with vaughn and cheenz so that they could get a gift for their parents. so we went for dinner at KFC. i had two of the tiny sandwiches. ung chicken fillet crunch. ok, tapos walk around, walk around. got the gift. tyrone came and asked us to meet him at green tomato. he bought us a carafe of peppermint ice tea. at first, lasang astring-o-sol, but after the shrimp and salsa pasta and the chicken fingers, masarap pala. got coffee after the second dinner (sorry hun...di na talaga uulit). tapos drove to the airport. huwaw. i'm never going back dun ng december. grabe the traffic, really heavy. picked up ate wins and kuya arnold and went to the fort for the 3rd dinner. dami poseurs hahahah. grabe, i hate konyo gimik spots talaga. parang ang fake ng lahat ng tao. anyway, 3rd dinner was at an italian cafe. calamari and cabrese for me. and 2 teaspoons ng amaretto tiramisu.
grabe. patayin nyo na lang ako.
wala na pala akong other stories. haha.
after my pshyc student friend analyzed me nanaman a few days ago, nagshare sa love life nya.
me: why don't you try cyber dating?
hannahbanana: ano ko cyborg?
hindi. isa kang gulay! umayus ka. hehe
panu mo sabihin na may BO ung friend mo.
according to tyrone:
"tumutugtog ka ba ng Bach, 'tol?"
gtg. hosting thing sa rotary christmas party. next time i promise i'd write something sensible.

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russ said...

promise yan ha?! ul right sumthing sensible nxt time.. wehehe...