Monday, December 04, 2006

03:05:28, dec 3, 2006

half asleep, i thought i was dreaming. breathless. speechless. and now i know how it feels again.
been a total pain in the ass--was too sickly yesterday. well, actually, until this very moment, i've been having a terrible tummy ache. it went away today for a few hours but it hurts again. downed kremil-s, advil, and motilium, had hot tea, and i have novaluzid just in case. hmmm... nevertheless, the pain doesn't seem to matter. kahit na pati likod ko masakit. huhuhu.
thanks for being so patient. =)
went to alabang for the opusfest's final concert and left my phone at home. hala. nakakabaliw pala yun. tyrone played really well. actually, all his friends were really good. he met a german pianist na ang galing daw. idol nya daw. but mas gusto nya ata ung french wife kasi ang hot. hahah! also saw friends from the college of music na i haven't seen in a long time.
totally deleting a huge part of this entry because tyrone will kill me if i don't.hmp.
kahapon, at church, si noemi na pulpito. sabi ni pastor, dapat daw hindi nagmamadali because god's will will be perfect. kahit daw 22 ka na, ok lang yun. at nidivert ang attention sa akin. tingnan nyo si abba, 27 na pero okay lang. weh. kawawa!hahahah! hey, i'm not looking for anything na naman eh. i am content with what i have now. sobrang content.
gotta go...inspite of a bad tummy, driver on call talaga ako. off to marikina for yellow cab. at least i'll get starbucks tonight, hehehe.babaw.


hazimeister said...

ive read that part. :D

hazimeister said...

check this artist...well iunno if nakapunta ka na sa site nya. :)

baka kasi ull like it.

abba said...

ikaw un part na un eh. =)