Sunday, December 24, 2006

oh, so, yeah, okay.

okay. so this guy texts me all of a sudden. i had to rub my temples in disbelief. and of course, he has to be the ass he always is. but then i should know that he's always that way. and i go oh, thanks for calling. and thanks for the kind words. inspite you being the ass that you are.

usapang baliw

jez: dude, gusto ka nun... kita ko sa mata nya.

me: ows? bakit?

jez: iba tingin nya sayo.
me: siguro tinititigan nya ko nung kausap nya kami eh.
jez: tol, iba ka, ayus un...kita ko nung kumakain ka, nakayuko ka, pingmamasdan ka nya...
me(sa isip ko lang): dami ko kasi kinakain eh.
it's funny how we send signals that aren't really there. but you see. i'm smarter than you think. although i'm slow, i am smart. ahaha. wow, hanlabo ng world. well, it had its chance, but i am happy and content now in my own little world. so don't tell me that you know things because i am aware of these, too. now if we all just play friends and just talk about business, that would be better. sa ngayon, yes, i would prefer something vague and ambiguous over tangible things. and i can take care of myself.
let's all not complicate things. we left it there where it's supposed to be. and i think that's the proper thing to do.
at kung anu pa man yan, wag na nating pang pag usapan yan. dahil wala naman talaga.
at ngayon...
i'm in trouble because i am insensitive. i wish i knew.

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