Saturday, December 09, 2006

Trippy song for the night. Catatonia’s Don’t Need The Sunshine.

Oh holy hypertension. I get really edgy sometimes. And then I go kulet and insecure and praning over a lot of things. I admit na how my usual nature fluctuates every once in a while. But given reasons for depression kasi stimulates it. And I still regret it because my aggressive nature takes over me during these moments. Maybe it’s my hormones. Hey, give me a break, I’ve been sickly this week.

Alcohol is a depressant. Mental note: stay away.

My endorphin level is quite low for the week. Ate Anne asked me to go do Muay Thai with her. This coming week perhaps. Haha, I don’t actually believe it, because my face pulls into this funny smile every minute. And Kevin said I am unusually jolly while Zach said I am insanely happy. I’m loving every bit of it. Okay, okay, it’s intense and fast and maybe I need to slow down a bit. You tell me.

I’ve resurrected the paintings I’ve worked on before the art fair. After I finish the last of my naïve paintings, I’m going back to photorealism to keep the balance in my folio. Yup, I’m now working on my folio. Really. I get more and more excited to paint everyday so it’s looking brighter. Noel also told me that I should do photorealism again so that we’ll have variety in our group folio. And hunny said we’ll work on a project and I am thrilled.

Mum is missing me again and she’s started to get on my nerves. Sorry, mum, I just wanted to take advantage of the holiday. I locked myself in the studio today to paint and went out only to go for Starbucks with the kids. Mum, there’s such a thing called the phone. If you need me, you can always call me.

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