Sunday, December 10, 2006


galeng nito.

relatives from dad's side came over yesterday. all the weeks of dieting went to waste haha. love the lechon cebu. will be looking at a busy week.


kim: tita, gising ka na daw.
me: ha, bakit, may pasok ba?
kim: tita, sunday ngayon...
ate anne: hala ayus, disoriented ka na...
me: oh, i thought monday na...

but really, i am in no way excited to go to work anymore now that the holidays are on their way. antipolo is cooler than usual now with occassional drizzles. i sometimes even wake up because the breeze outside causes too much noise. i am terrorized with the thought of christmas cooking. and if orders come pa, i'll have to bake pa. ok lang with the extra money but bad trip if hanggang 24, may orders pa. oh well.

wow, hindi pa ko depressed even with the cold weather present. haha! galing galing. mahusay na ko ngayon.

still, wala pa ko intentions of getting gifts. kahit sa chinese new year, wala kyo mapipiga from me. i'll just host my teeny parties/cookouts siguro for the kids during the holidays. haha. i told them na extend ko na lang deadline for their writing project, yun na christmas gift ko sa kanila.


zach's number: tita, totoo ba na ieextend mo ang deadline para sa lit class?

me: maliban syo

zach: cheenz to

me: maliban din syo

cheenz: TITAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

i know i have something else to write about, but i keep on losing it everytime i start to blog.


welcome to the world, keon albert ice pinpin! you made my pamangkins list a little longer, mwah!

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