Friday, September 16, 2005

cold days

i played badminton today with my officemates. buti na lang for the exercise. kasi last night, well, actually throughout the shift pala, we didn't do anything but eat. our account treated us to a buffet by teriyaki boy. japanese food!for free! hala, gyoza, really good gohan, seafood teppanyaki, tofu steak, maki,sashimi,tonkatsu, and mixed tempura and refillable iced tea. san ka pa? sa convergys na!

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anyway, after work, we played badminton nga. grabe, i miss working out. had my fill of that, too.and went home at 12:30. i was in sumulong highway around 1 and took pictures.

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these were taken at 1 in the afternoon. where did my sunshine go? =D i'm not complaining. you know i love antipolo whenever it's drizzling up there.

it was so foggy. and nice. made me want to drive straight to raena's place to hang out and just relax. but then my room would be dark and cool din. i chose sleep. sarap.

looking forward to my birthday week. will get a really expensive haircut. goodbye bad hair days!


coconutalk said...

free food! nothing is better than free food! at buffet pa!

thinking out loud said...

get ready for our new hairdo and plenty of drinks weekend!

nice shots abs!

abba said...

free food=exercise yun dapat pau hehe =)

tnx! excited na ko raens!! see you tomorrow !