Saturday, September 03, 2005

wish list!

26 things i want to get for my birthday (but probably won't harhar!)
1. nike running shoes ( the one that looks funny and is so flexible; i saw them sa eastwood)
2. 3 new pairs of chucks--2 printed and 1 lavender
3. a digicam
4. a new pc for me and me alone
5. money for car repairs
6. socks
7. zippo lighters
8. the complete sandman series
9. a drill and clamp
10. a new hairstyle
11. contact lenses
12. time to exercise everyday
13. a trip to cebu
14. a trip to sagada, then to vigan, then ukay-ukay in baguio
15. unusual knick-knacks and accesories
16. art materials
17. my own place
18. a garden
19. a puppy, an english bulldog
20. tequila
21.a bean bag
22. a new bed
23. a solo exhibit
24. a tent
25. corndogs
26. a massage
hay...i can only afford socks eh. 26. tanda ko na.


Anonymous said...

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thinking out loud said...

sagot ko na yung new haircut and tequila. Happy birthday to us! Dinner date on friday :)

Anonymous said...

sagot ko na corndogs para sau...

at bagong boyfriend for february...harharhar!

wab yu abba!

coconutalk said...

nice list! i also want an english bulldog. :)

happy bday abba, when is your bday exactly?

abba said...

friday nyt!friday nyt! whee!!!reunion na tyo harhar!

raens ang dame ko ng buhok hehe =)

blythe/ anonymous, corndogs for the whole year yan ha...

pau, sa 18 pa. greet mo ko ha, harhar! chalamat! =)