Thursday, September 29, 2005

wow. what a week. this is the worst week of my entire working life. and it's not yet even half done.

monday started okay. i had lunch with samio and noel at yellow cab. i got home and slept early. i woke up at 7 pm, of course i didn't want to be late for work. i used the truck since my car can't be used on a tuesday, coding eh. hay, i was almost in junction around 9:10 pm, which is already halfway na from antipolo to makati when the truck started to make this wierd funny sound. although it wasn't really menacing ( i thought probably a hole somewhere in the muffler), i had to call dad to inform him. he told me to go to a gas station to put some oil in the engine, but it didn't go away. so i went back home, even though i know i won't die of it, but i felt really uncomfortable driving a car which sounded like a chopper.

dad offered to drive me to makati. well, actually, it was me who did the driving to makati. sweet. i got to the office 51 minutes late.

okay. i took a cab with ali the following day to rosario and got on an fx up to antipolo. i was literally dead tired tuesday morning. told dad i'll just report sa school ng 1pm so i could sleep. e si noel started texting, i had to say goodbye na lang. e eto namang si noel kala mo naman magiibang bayan, at nagpapalipas pa ng oras kakatext sa kin habang nasa airport sya papuntang cebu. e uuwi naman siya kinabukasan. after 8 messages, i told him that i wanted to sleep. ayan, natulog pa...iwoke up at 2pm,went to shiloh,left at 4pm. i thought i could sleep na ulit.

but, no...we had to test the caramel apple we saved up last sunday night pa. it will probably be our new product this december for selling. ay ang sarap. sticky caramel that feels warm in your mouth plus the crisp juicy sweet and tart taste of the apple! wonderful.

i slept around 6pm and woke up at 7:30. to make the long story short, i fell asleep in the office. at kamalasmalas ko, sa tagal na di na ko natutulog sa office, ayun, a client and a boss caught me while i was in dreamland. all attempts to wake me up proved to be in vain. pero sa totoo lang, di ko talaga alam kung ano nangyari eh. tulog nga kasi ako eh.

2 booboos in a week.

ali, my boss, coached me today. for 3 hours. and that came with two memos. one for excessive lates and one for sleeping. astig.

i'll be getting a final written warning the next time i come in late. after that, termination. mukhang i'll be resigning earlier than i thought.

well, thanks to noel who texted me kanina kaya i woke up on time. sana lang, makaabot ako ng december. sabagay, kung hindi, okay lang din.


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