Thursday, September 01, 2005

i don't want to think about it

well, everybody has to learn sometimes.
yup, change is inevitable. and bad can only get good, and sadness can only turn to happiness. poor to rich.ugly to beautiful.
if i were a guy, i'd try to treat other people with more respect towards their feelings.
please, not in my turf.
if i love you, i should protect you. i will not let others think ill of you.
i did not choose this lifestyle, you pushed me into it
if you can't have it the first time you asked, it is not yours to take by force.
forever lasts but for a short time, live with it.
some people are born with the fetish to destroy themselves. on their own. so stop bugging me.
value yourself. at least, try to pretend to. but if you can't, let other people treat you with value. stop selling yourself short. respect doesn't come cheap. and you are cheap.
grow up.
go away.
karma exists. beware.
i love vanilla sky. i wonder why.
get a room.
gravity takes its toll on your body. you get ugly. and soon we'll all be ugly fat people with thinning hair with no will to live. or we can be ugly thin people with thinning hair with no will to live. but in any case, we'll all be ugly people with thinning hair with no will to live. well,not if we can help it.
sleep is precious.
here i go...

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