Thursday, September 22, 2005

cotton candy sweet

i've been getting such handfuls of sweetness from everyone...and i love the feeling.
the imaginary hugs and kisses are as lovely as the real ones.
to raens, who's always there to listen and give me pats on the back (as well as kicks on the butt), thanks so much for everything. i love you, i love pow and razi, and the wake up call i got from you and razi ( who's really sweet and called me to thank me for the hotwheels), i love our cold day chit-chats and coffee, our warm nights with wine, basta, everything. you know that.
to my students, who gave me cash hahaha!! they know i wanted to get a book but can't go anywhere so they gave me what they collected plus super touching notes. hmmm...sarap. i got me a copy of norweigan wood ( na dapat pala kay raens!!harhar...long story) and the alchemist. love ko kids ko...and of course, they treated me to cotton candy last wednesday. hay, i'm such a sucker for cotton candy.

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and to my cvg friends...alam ko na, kaya i'll have to act surprised. =D

of course, a little bird told me. and i am not dense kasi, forgetful, yes, but dense, NO.

and to tinay, who helped me find images for my design theory project. i am so grateful. and the more i get to see her, the more i miss her. actually, i've been missing her for the longest time. and i'm so glad i get to spend time with her more often now. she was my sparring partner from 2nd year to the 3rd. i had dinner at her house yesterday. dati nga everyday she would always say, "di man lang nahiya!" aru!

life is sweet talaga.


coconutalk said...

cotton candy!! my lolo used to have a cotton candy machine for all of us to use. haha!

thinking out loud said...

love you too abs! you're like a sister to me kaya feel free to drop by anytime :)

abba said...

i want a cotton candy machine, too!! nako pau, sarap mag-hang-out after classes kasi dami vendors outside ng school.=)
thanks, raens...