Tuesday, September 13, 2005


had a couple of nights out with friends last week. just what i needed.
wednesday, we celebrated raena's birthday with a couple of margaritas and red wine. learned how foie gras was made, the origins of the shabu-shabu, and why the halo-halo was considered a luxury a long time ago. it was a lovely night, the sky was red and makati was neither too warm nor too cold.
friday, tinay and i had dinner at the old spaghetti house. had a really nice time. we had to catch up kasi eh. bonding kami. i really did miss her a lot. will see her again on thursday.
after dinner, chrisselle came and we had a few shots of tequila at grilla. i'd been craving for tequila so we took the opportunity to get a little drunk. ay, she had 6 glasses of bailey's na pala before we met so, weng-weng na sya. grilla closed early so we went to padi's.
we wanted to sit in the bar kasi we were thinking of movies where people drink in a bar. so there we were.drinking in a bar at the bar. ang saya. we had a rack of tooters. for just P95, you get 4 in a rack. grabe. i loved it. unfortunately, the other girls were to lazy to go, too. but i had fun kahit 2 lang kami.
last night, tj and i made dinner. he grilled and baked the lamb, and i made the sides. i made mashed potatoes and super sarap corn and carrots. we found a new addiction: caramel sauce. yup, with vanilla ice cream. i love it more with pieces of old gold(dark chocolate with almonds).
anyway, today, i had a movie marathon. i was only interrupted because dad made me cook for his visitors. i made spaghetti which wasn't really good because i wasn't in the mood to cook. i just wanted to stay in front of the tv.
i'm reading paolo coehlo's by the river piedra i sat down and wept now. it feels heavy.
i have a good reason na to resign for crying out loud. i can't afford the gas prices anymore. plus i just discovered that i have 7 memos. hey,boss, i just think you forgot to terminate me! everything's not worth it anymore.
anyway, after leaving, with my separation pay, i'll enroll in a softwares crash course and buy myself art materials that will last me for a few months of continuous painting.

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