Thursday, September 01, 2005

sunday night

oh, we went to fiesta in angono sunday night because we wanted to eat at the buffet. unfortunately, the list was so long and we had to wait. we went to the casino for a while, kasi si chrisselle wanted to try the slot machines. carrie won something around P375. shempre si chrisselle, malas and never got anything. she gave me a coin to try and i got a whopping P30. astig.

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anyway, since madami ngang tao, we decided to go somewhere else kasi medyo gutom na kami noh. we waited for almost an hour before deciding to leave. we ended up sa ch2. after 3 songs sa videoke, we were able to eat.

masaya din.

actually, we left home a little late kaya di kami naka upo agad sa fiesta. si chrisselle kasi eh!

ala lang.

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