Sunday, November 05, 2006

dog tales

i took cyrus out today for a short walk. i tried the short leash on him. it was really tiring because i had to use force on him so he wouldn't bite on it. kasi naman, it's pink and purple...i can't help it, i want color! haha!

i gave him a bath first though and it's a tough job kasi he's so playful. he is probably around 50 pounds na, really tiring, i was sweaty agad. i didn't take him all around the village, just a few blocks lang, testing and gauging if i'm still able to control him. thanks to those weight lifting sessions, strong pa din ako, haha! no really, if it weren't for that, i'm sure sugatan na ako. ang bigat when he pulls talaga. but shempre, he knows pa rin who's the head of the pack. his head kasi reaches na my thigh and if he stands on his hind legs, hanggang chest ko na sya. really huge.

there was this one time, i saw the trailer for hidalgo, sabi ko, sana i named him hidalgo na lang. my sister said he's to much of a softy to be called hidalgo. dapat nga boner, kaya lang my sister would kill me i'm sure, haha! he looks like a cyrus naman talaga. i'll post photos soon. he's a fluffy foo foo! he's super sweet and smelly!

haha! nice day for sleeping.

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hazimeister said...

boner! who is? LOL! :P

mabigat nga yan. ung aso nga parenst ko ewan di ko na kaya sa sobrang bigat. ok lang sana kung st. bernard sya but she isnt. pag inapakan ang paa mo.. ull prolly say the loudest 'aray!'