Wednesday, November 01, 2006

nov 1, 2006, 2am

I’m currently in my studio, and of course I have to curse a little under my breath. My studio is too messy. Sheets of paper are scattered about and the floor is dusty. I haven’t sprayed insecticide in a few weeks and there are tiny moth-like creatures in my tubs of paint. I am not in the mood to be depressed and waiting for paint to dry is certainly entertaining.

Last night I wanted to paint but ended up sleeping beside my laptop. Half of my body on the mattress and half on the floor, I started dreaming but forced myself to wake up because I knew I was in a terrible position and would probably wake up in the morning with paint all over me and all over the floor. I cleared everything up and settled myself in a better place (completely on top of the mattress) but opted to keep the lights on so that it’d hurt my eyes when I wake up and I‘d be forced to get up and not waste my time sleeping. I set the alarm for 3am so I could make myself useful, yet I haven’t thought of anything to paint. I fell asleep around 9 and woke up a little before 10 and decided to resume to lovely sleep with the lights still on.

I woke up at 10 (lazy ako) because the people next door were really noisy. They were listening to this radio station na masakit sa ulo. And my sister called me up and asked me to come to work. I complained a little because it’s my day off but agreed to go. I painted a canvass violet and took a nice bath. Scanned the bathroom and promised myself that I would clean up tomorrow.

Went to see the kids and was asked to go to a student’s birthday party. Bad trip kasi, when I woke up, I swore that I’ll go on a diet already. Of course I had to go, and of course I had to eat. The mommy made carbonara and cordon bleu for the kids and pinaputok na tilapia and steamed sigarilyas, talong, kangkong, and okra with a surprisingly amazing bagoong for the adults. I didn’t have okra of course, it’s on the same list with sinigang eh.

Ate and ran. I was supposed to get a free diamond peel with my cousin but I voted against it. Free nga eh, eh baka naman anu gawin nila sa face ko. Mahal ko pa ang mukha ko noh. Told her that I didn’t want to because they’d be selling her services that she won’t really need. So we went to the mall instead. I paid the last of my cellphone bills (yippee!) and got myself books from booksale. I bought 2 novels, and oddly enough, the covers almost look the same, even the font ha. Haha. The other one has pictures in it. Collector items, vintage lunchboxes. Wala lang.

Chrissele and Jo Anna came over and brought a microwavable container with the staple canned tuna with dinurog na fita. The fita dapat durog daw for the texture. And ate anne donated a can of corned beef. Haha. Chrissele told funny stories about her childhood kakulitan and embarrassing bladder issues. Ang galing nya because kami ni Jo almost don’t remember anything na. At shempre, we had to talk about my love issues. Forget the guy na daw. Oo nga, if it’s that easy, why not. Whatever. Hoy, wala akong issues noh!

Picked up the trash after they left. I checked on the doodles I made for the five small paintings I’m gonna do for my folio. Painted a little, had a shower and continued to write this. There’s scratching inside my weird wall (I’m in the attic eh). Yuk. Probably a cat, or a rat, two of the things I hate the most in this world. Hmp. Oh, and if you hate lizards, keep spraying insecticide. I wasn’t able to paint in 2 weeks and the studio’s been empty. Now, there is a gazillion pooping lizards in my bathroom and in the teeny corridor which can’t actually be called a corridor because it’s more of a stair landing or something like that. Mental note: clean up and spray around and feed the dog.


hazimeister said...

yeah! spray..clean.. uhmm feed rats with ready-bait rat killer. lol! and the scratching baka cockroach?

abba said...

ha?scary naman kung cockroaches yun, kasing laki ng cats! ahahhah!! ayaw!

hazimeister said...

nyahaha! ok ok.. its a cat then.. a really big cockroach would scare the soul out of me. :P