Saturday, November 25, 2006


long day for me yesterday. i woke up a little too early because of a bad dream, but really, a sweet sms had a great deal of good timing and prevented me from staying too long from dreamworld. anyway, i painted a little more despite the fact that i knew that i had to be preparing for my tagaytay trip.

so i had to rush stuff pa and completely forgot to eat here at home. drove to marikina to pick up samio. then drove off to qc for jez and nowel. the truck's AC was faltering and by the time we reached diliman, i was dizzy beacuse of the heat and hunger.

ayun. being with jez is really a riot. wala ng tatalo pa. basta may masabi talaga di na nag-iisip. i'm sure you'll like jez when you meet him.

drove off to makati after a quick lunch of rice burgers and jez' spam sandwiches haha.

sam's client had installed the painting he bought on his red accent wall. wow. had a giant glass of juice, ay royal pala, and after sam signed the paintings, we were off. oh, but we had to convince sam pa to come with us na lang to tagaytay since uuwi naman din kami.

pagsampa pa lang ng skyway, si jez and nowel became hyperactive.

jez: pzhhhht! ayuz! ikaw ng magaling skyway!
nowel: palakpakan! (claps loudly) woohoo!
jez: yeah, ang init! whoo! mahal to! mahal to! (referring to the toll fee)
nowel: sana mabuksan ko bintana ko!
jez: airplane! palakpakan! sana may marijuana!!
(claps loudly ulit)

and it went on. and on. until we reached tagaytay.

my client, john miller was waiting for us sa sidewalk sa tagaytay, haha. he jumped on the back of the truck and told me to drive down this curvy na road. his place is like 3 to 4 minutes away the 7-11 where we met up. he looked younger nga than when i first saw him sa makati. his place was really nice, mejo modern and maraming paintings talaga. he offered beer and we toured us around the house. sa roof top, you can see taal lake, but the volcano is partly hidden by a hill. it started getting colder and colder. john brought out appetizers and malupet, a plateful of tubes of acrylic paint. he set up a huge canvas. we collaborated on an abstract piece. funny, talagang mahirap magwork together ng walang plano kasi hiwahiwalay kami ng trip.

grabe, funny si nowel kasi walang baong inggles. para ngang bigla syang nawala eh.ahahahah! and si jez was really scared of john's shar pei, sparky. eh he's the nicest and gentlest dog ata na i've ever met. he's quite smelly lang and was shedding skin because of a anti-flea shampoo john used on him.

it was a fun day. lalo na when he paid me. hahahah!

i got home around 12, tired and sore.

at ngayon, wala na akong pera. but i got paint and a sack of dogfood.

i got home around 12, tired and sore.

sayang, russ. haha. i'm sure you would've enjoyed the trip. lalo na yung dinner. haha.

asia and europe. i like that.
i want cake, too, hunny. and a shampoo!


russ said...

sino si hunny??? abba ha?!!! yiheee!!!! d ako pwede s dec 22 friday un... d pwede magpapalit ng off... hmp... huhuhu...

hazimeister said...

shar pei's eh gentle talaga sila. hmmm asia and europe..back packing. hehehe!