Sunday, November 12, 2006

hope to see you in cebu

i'm still hoping that we visit cebu before mum and dad and my sisters leave for hawaii. i've been wanting to see my cousins again and a guy friend din kasi eh. been itching to go since last year. i hope we spend new year there.
but aside from cebu, i also wanna go to vienna with tyrone, backpack with joy around asia, and go up north with her, too. and beach hopping sa visayas. hmmm...but then i have to pay for my credit card bills first.
ok, so i'll have more time to attempt to study cebuano. my cousins are really mean. they don't want to talk to me in tagalog eh. they insist i learn to understand. they make sure na aware ako na they talk about me in cebuano on my face ha! hmp! kasi naman, i am really bad when it comes to dialects and languages. kaya nga di ako makagraduate eh! spanish 11 na lang, punyeta!
so, sana, sa sinulog, kita tyo.
last night, we pau and i had dinner kina raens. grabe. grilled steak (as in 3 big slabs of it ha), grilled corn on the cob and broccoli, pasta puttanesca and prawns. and a bottle of red wine.
just thinking about it, sumasakit yung dibdib ko.
the two will be posting pictures soon.
i suddenly remembered a conversation between joy and me. ang topic: sex. ay yung lack of it pala. eto ang kakaibang sagot ng mga 25+ years old na girls dapat in defense of being tigang.
after years of fooling around, we find sex unnecessary at this point in our lives. at this age, there's more thrill in being invited for sex than actually doing it. and of course, only a few men are talented so you can always expect a bad lay. and after that bad lay, you'll find sex boring and a waste of time. soon you'll be able to live without it, and you feel liberated because you're beyond sex.
unless a really hot guy comes along, bawi muna ahahhaha!
ay, namiss ko tuloy si joy.


Jake said...

uy nice thought hehe :)

abba said...

so true yan and applicable, jake. everyone can quote me!