Friday, November 10, 2006

la dee dah.


there are happy days coming and i can feel them already.

but then , i know i'll be sad at the same time. the visas we've been waiting for arrived and even though we'll be having tons of reunions and parties and night outs with the family, malulungkot din ako. oh, well. mum and dad and my sisters will be leaving in a month siguro. huhuhuhu. kawawa naman ang 27 year old kid.

today, we had a surprise despedida party for my tita mel. she'll be leaving on tuesday with her husband, tito rey, and my cousin phoebe. she is the principal in the school i work in, and she was my principal when i was still studying there. it was a bittersweet moment for the kids and her. as in humagulgol ang mga kids. and super hug sila kay tita. i cried din. but sabi ko di naman yun goodbye. so i said, see you later, instead. bahala na who goes where.

however, this is a nice time in my life inspite of being poor and strange.


hazimeister said...

you were sleepy..and u cried.. hmm.. interesting.. too much poured emotions.. made u sleepy that day? i mean kanina pala un. MIA ka na bigla. hmft

abba said...

hoooooy, ikaw kaya. hmp! basta ako i texted you twice!