Tuesday, November 14, 2006


saturday night was sin night. salamat pau and raens for the pictures, and salamat din you guys for the sarap dinner.

the buffet.
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my plate. first round pa lang yan. haha.

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wasn't able to force the steak sa stomach ko. but vish also had a feast! that's raens' golden retreiver.
i am still in my baliw mode. i have till thursday morning to finish the two paintings na i'm working on. then, party mode ako. haha, not really, just meeting up a bunch of friends this coming weekend.
spent last night driving to the mall, shopping for bags (habang nagffreak out na ko kasi i haven't shopped in a long time), and goofing around with 8 teenagers in starbucks. i had caffeine overdose and sang all the songs sa radio while driving home.
painted till 2 am and had no problems sleeping. i could barely open my eyes while washing up. i've been waking at 8 am lately and this is really not normal for me. today, i woke up a little later than 8 and painted again. boring. but sleeping without difficulties is exciting pala haha.
oh, last night, while i was walking to my studio with my nephew who had an upset stomach (kasi lactose-intolerant sya), i looked up and the stars were really bright and lovely. when we got to the studio, i looked down and saw that i had different slippers on. green and pink. still have them on right now. haha! but nevertheless, they look cute with my purple toenails. tee hee!


Yoshie said...

Wow abba. Ang sarap. Drooooooool......... can we be friends with your friends? hahahaha!!!!

hazimeister said...

well atleast di ka nadapa while looking up. pasalamat ka at slippers lang di pareho.

I HAVENT GOT ANY TEXT MSG since NOON TODAY. oh darn network! it made me miss u hella badddd! ahahahahahhahahaha!

abba said...

yoshee! sure sure! tara, hang out ka dito lagi.

blame globe, mikkeli! =)

russ said...

hahaha... now u know na masarap talaga matulog... take it from me... hehehe...