Wednesday, November 15, 2006


grace started sending messages to see if we have power at home. it was almost lunch and she got worried about her babies because they won't get to watch wowowee. i went, how jologs. that is unacceptable and will not tolerate kajologan sa mga pamangkin ko. and she went, they do this boom tarat thing and they're cute. i go, what?

msg 1: hopscotch pala english ng piko. tingnan mo, may natutunan din kme sa wowowee.

me: how exciting. magbasa ka kaya. mas madami ka m222nan, hehe.

msg 2: kahit nman ilang YES magazine ko, dko ma encounter hopscotch noh, hehe

me: hoy hindi educational ang yes magazine

msg 3: alam ko, pero mas masarap magbasa ng chismis.

me: mas masaya maging smart. hmp. i'll lend you books.

msg 4: love story?

me: i'll start with that.


i want a pina colada. init!

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