Friday, July 22, 2005

i had a nice morning yesterday. had breakfast with blythe, and brunch as well, and coffee right after that. our conversations were all about whining about work, whining in life general, where to look for peace, being still, men and their complexities, and the quest for the perfect job.
realizations for the day:
living in a sea full of inconsiderate beings is as fairly easy as sucking your big toe. it's a pain in the back and disgusting quite as well. i would very much want to avoid it but fate decides and we end up licking that toe regardless of our choice not to. but they always say that a man can change his stars. so why suck it, right? but the moment you leave your toe alone, you become a deviant. so what's perfectly normal with toe-sucking?
well, if you move in a place where everybody's full of themselves and self love is trendy, you realize that the pretentious do have a hard time of twisting themselves to fit in. but everybody chooses to do it. sickening. should we decide to leave that crowd, i am referring to the people i see everyday, you're suddenly the talk of the town and you become an instant celebrity. you suddenly become famous and noted for being an asshole.
now, let me elaborate on inconsideration.
inconsiderate, adj; 1 a : HEEDLESS, THOUGHTLESS b : careless of the rights or feelings of's feeling that you are better than everybody else and that you deserve the bed reserved for all the other puny beings. it also may come in the form of demanding time and effort from people who are not really sure about it but still oblige to one's wishes just because you're all cute and everything. also, pretending to be really busy, but in reality, you somehow enslave the others. or getting a call center agent for a girlfriend. haha.
enough of that. i don't even have to talk about it. i experience this everyday.
my feet sometimes smell like mayonnaise.

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