Wednesday, July 27, 2005

obvious answers

i've been experiencing so much physical pain lately. i think my body is just about to give up from this lifestyle.

okay, studies show that people are likely to get cancer since artificial light was discovered. melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy, is produced as our eyes register the fall of darkness. At night melatonin is produced to help our bodies regulate our sleep-wake cycles. also an antioxidant, it keeps you young-looking and helps prevent cancer. BUT, since we don't get total darkness and complete sleep no more, and the older we get, the lesser melatonin our body produces. thus we all die of ,drum roll, please, jaran! cancer.

i have been thinking a lot about this. should i lose the call center job? my immune system plummeted to the earth's middle core and my bodily systems are in a state of confusion. i am shakey all over, and most of all, i am almost unintelligent. you see, unintelligence within the time you are most vulnerable to everything can be really draining. thanks to the rowdy malicious beings i spend these critical moments of my life with.

but then i have to consider the pay. it's not everywhere you get money this easy. but is it worth it?

i don't know if i can give up my teaching job as easily as this, though. more stressful, really frustrating, really small pay. but it's kinda fulfilling. but it's a long term thing. you have to wait for years, bloody years, just to see the result. at least i can sleep at night.

now, how to survive without a good-paying job is the question i have to face. how?

i used to be carefree and healthy. hay, the disadvantages of growing old.

wag ka na nga!

first exam in design theory later. i hope i don't fall asleep.


coconutalk said...

ive read somewhere that to have a really good sleep. make sure that there is no light creeping in your room. the body sleeps better without any lights. and also, cell regeneration only happens between 11pm-2am.

abba said...

my bedroom's exactly like that. really dark and cool.

i thought no sleep makes you lose weight. so untrue. everyone's gaining weight and look unhealthy. so, i'd rather sleep and go back to gym. =)

i'm resigning next month pau!