Monday, July 18, 2005

manic monday

woke up at 7:30. gave the baby a bath. left home at 9:30. as usual, i was late for my first class. okay, i have another one. was still in the car when i realized that i left my notes at home. smart move. contemplated on whether i should go or not while on line at 11 to 12. met up with joy instead for lunch at chocolate kiss. had coffee under the sun at oz. really enjoyed the sun. as in under the sun ha.

i was a total wreck kanina. i was rambling about something to joy, but she was still happy to see me. i missed her a lot, too.

got home at 3, but dad made me run an errand, stayed at ate gina's clinic til 6, tried to sleep, but mom was watching schindler's list and i can't stand the noise. i did fall asleep, but woke up with a splitting headache. but mom made cordon bleu and it was really good.

drove to work, weirdly enough, my eyes were blurry and my mind was flying off to somewhere. still alive, though.

ayan, i'm rambling again.


coconutalk said...

how do you do it abba? i mean keeping awake at work and going to school.. and doing stuff in between. :)

abba said...

i sleep at work. i got me a memo for that =) haha!

coconutalk said...

haha! i know someone who did that too, and also got a memo.

i also sleep at work sometimes, pero i havent got any memo yet. catnaps nga lang.