Wednesday, July 20, 2005

sandwich tuesdays

it's official: tuesday is sandwich day.
it started last week when i found myself strolling through the aisles of shopwise with tj. we had no plans of buying anything, but ended up getting 2 scheubligs, a loaf of focaccia, lettuce, and a white onion. grilled the sausages, onion, and tomatoes and fried crisscut potatoes that tasted a lot like kamote. smothered the focaccia with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, dumped the lettuce in plus the grilled goodies. kaching kaching! panalo ka sa calories!
and today, we grilled burger patties. shempre, onions and tomatoes din. painted the buns with olive oil and garlic and threw them onto the grill as well. mustard and ketchup lang ang katapat nila. kaching kaching! jackpot ka pa din!
i'm green with envy now. tel's going to cebu for work, but will stay pa till the weekend so she'll have time to relax. i want to go to cebu!
i'm too lazy to do anything. i can't even clip my nails. hmmm...i'm thinking of a warm bed...


Anonymous said...

sandwich day? bago yun ah! bkit ka nmn maiingit sa pagpunta sa cebu ni tel?

abba said...

bago ba yun? nakahanap lang kami ng araw together to cook. i love making sandwiches eh.

and i envy tel because she'll have a weekend away from manila. anywhere's good naman basta vacation eh. i do need to go away from here. hay...