Monday, April 18, 2005

ang init!!

i woke up with a really mean migraine attack. well, i actually woke up thrice. 7am, 10am,and around 10:30. the last one's when i decided to get up. really mean hangover. i was parched like hell, dehydration siguro caused the headache. had tons of water already but the headache won't go away. it's 4 pm and i popped a tempra, josko, we don't even have advil here at home!

really really scorching hot today. i painted for a while, and decided that i am a lot stupider than i thought i am...should've sanded the canvas more. shitty talaga, the fabric messes up my thing. ewan ko, siguro excited lang talaga ko magpinta. well, i wont make the same mistake again.

was trying to check out the websites bembz told us about last night. dang this pc. mas mabilis pa tumubo buhok ko eh.

anyway, i had a fun night yesterday at raen's. bembz came with mike, so there were four of us. razi had a sugar rush and was convinced that his tito mike and tito bembot were weirdoes. he fell asleep on the couch. i was falling asleep on the couch,too. hmmmm...wish i could be a starving artist, too. papayat siguro ako. well, malapit na ko mag starve. bembz was on a roll, for a guy, madaldal sya ha hahahhahahaha! pero di ba, ehehhehee...teehee...after 2 bottles of wine, and two huge mugs of coffee for bembz, we left around 3am.

showed off my studio to the 2 guys. lahat kami na untog sa kisame.

hay...this guy texted me today, asking where i was...told him i was in the studio, painting. he asked me to make a painting for him, about how i see our relationship...what relationship??? (actually, he used another term, but mas explicit eh.secret.)ahehehe...ano sya, god's gift to women? some guys talaga think that women are incapable of not building attachments. well, sorry to burst his bubble, but what he does to me, i do exactly the same to him. isa syang gigolo!! ahehhehe...nye,parang sinabi kong pok pok ako bwahahahhaha!! i'd rather look at it this way--we are not. yun lang.bwahehe

yehey! my headache's gone!!

having this sense of peace lately. ano kaya ang kapalit?

i am a pessimistic optimist. i also keep on contradicting myself talaga. i'd like to think that i can only look at the good of things, but somehow, i keep on expecting for the worse.

will try to take a nap.

yep, still the same feelings. i just bottled it up, i guess. hope i won't break.

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