Tuesday, April 19, 2005

slumber party

didn't go home today. i spent the whole day with paulynne.
hay. panira ng diet ko talaga ang mga friends kong ito.
claire and i went home with paulynne for breakfast and so that punggay(my nick for paulynne) could wash up and get stuff she needed. had breakfast htere. parang marilena's haha! refillable pa ang iced tea...
went to medical city. since we can avail of whatever medicard has to offer, i decided have a an ob-gyn check on my pet cysts. hay nako. everytime talaga i go to a doctor, i get weird questions. these questions are like either, "have you had a boyfriend recently?", or " "have you had at least one sexual partner recently?" nyarharhar. funny thing, the first question made me think of february...BWHAHAHHEHHAHEHAHEHAHAA!!!!...di ko nga pala boyfriend yun, i crush him laang wehehe. the 2nd question, errrr, no comment na lang...
celibate ako. kasi may sundot sa puso. aru.
anyway, the trip to the doctors was a good thing kasi i found my own ob-gyn's clinic. her clinic looked so nice. very zen. will go back to her as soon as i have money to spend on her. grabe Php600 for her PF alone...but then i felt gulity because since after the break-up, i lost my will to check on myself. i think i saw her january of last year pa. sabi ko nga, when i go back to see her, she'd say," wag kang bumukaka jan, tumuwad ka at papaluin kita." sorry doc...
the new doctor was nice but she talked really fast. will go back on tuesday for results. i hope i don't have something contageous. nye. i feel nervous din because we really have bad genes. but i really think i should just lose more weight and this will go away.
claire had to go home early. i decided to sleep over at punggay's instead of going home to antipolo. had a nice time playing with red. ayyyyyy...he cried pala the first time we left. it broke my heart.
well, i slept nicely, thanks to modern medicine. as for paulynne...she slept for about 2 hours lang just to make her lechong kawali. sarap. kakulay ng balat ni edward. namumula. tostado. had an unusually amazing day. walang stress. kahit puyat,ayuz lang. ayan, nakabawi na ko kay paulynne kasi wala nga sya sa storybook namin dahil closer si edward. go figure.
well, i have to go back to work. kunyari lang!

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