Tuesday, April 05, 2005

cleaning day

i decided to use the bigger room as my studio. the windows are fairly huge and it being on the 2nd floor makes the room cool even in the afternoons. a mango tree keeps it shady,too. the room has two built-in cabinets. one perfect for my art mats and the other for a few clothes and other stuff. i can even keep my finished works inside one cabinet so they won't get dusty.
a really good factor about the studio is that you don't have to disturb the people inside the house when you come or go. the winding staircase is in the garage. i can even let a few friends in without disturbing sleeping people.
anyway, kim, my neice, and joey, my cousin, helped me clean the two rooms so we could rearrange furniture. well, actually, there are no furniture. pure open space. wow. i'll be painting on thursday after i move all my stuff there.

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