Saturday, April 09, 2005

random thoughts

regardless of the consequences,i keep on praying that i'll be granted permissive will.

i just have to have this.

hey,hey! tonight's the opening night for my first group show outside school. deklarasyon. goodie.

spent yesterday morning daydreaming of my first solo exhibit. i plan to submit my portfolio to the art hall right here in enterprise. groovy. i'm still feeling the excitement in painting all the pieces i need. can't wait for bembol to give me the rest of my canvass boards. i hope everything works well. i need to save up for framing and other stuff. i have so many plans for this year.

gorged myself with coffee. i have a slight tummy ache.

i will grow my hair long now. sabi kasi ni mum i look like a boy. the next time i get a haircut daw, she'll shave my head. at pagkatapos ko buhatin lahat ng gasul jan...

i need to get a new palette. will buy new brushes and hundreds of tubes of oil paint and acrylic as soon as i get money.

gosh, i need to detox.

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