Sunday, April 03, 2005

my very own spot

wheee!!! visited ate anne today. her place is just a block away from our house. the place is really nice. 3 bedrooms, really spacious living room and kitchen.

surprise! she has 3 more rooms upstairs! i thought it was just a small attic. whoa! 2 real bedrooms plus the maid's quarters...wonderful! the bathroom's really nice din. she wanted me to get one room so i could set up my own studio. perfect. perfect timing. a space finally for me. and it's mine, all mine!!

i'm moving out tonight. will transfer all my art stuff there, plus a few clothes,some sheets,plus my trusty banig. i will paint.


read stuff i wrote last year in my planner. i read insights and one-paragraph stories to eten. hay...will try to post some of 'em here later. they're mostly about pain, death, and bleeding. groovy.

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