Wednesday, April 27, 2005

some things get better with age; some things just get older. i' d like to think that i age well, unfortunately for me, i haven't met that one circumstance to prove it. i still feel like the 19 year old kid i used to be. but then again it helps a lot not to take things too damn seriously. well, not everything, though. i just don't want to be somebody else's weight to bear. i feel good being the light kind of soul. although i forget to stay grounded most of the times,i got good spirits who tug at my feet and remind me to stay leveled.
scary thought: like the faery Soulshrinker, when we absorb too much anger, too much ugliness, we become it. we may be once beautiful people, but letting things affect us too much will turn us into creatures of vileness, of ugliness itself. please do not accuse me of being insensitive, insincere or indeferent. i have my own way of doing things, and it works for me. but nevertheless, i care too much, still.
as much as i am a complicated person, i would like to announce that i exhert extra effort to strive for simplicity. i just want a simple kind of life, comfy but simple. ho hum. a dream... with whatever that is happening right now, it seems far-fetched. but i will work this out.
a simple house, simple routines, simple warm or cool nights with friends...give me 3 years and i will get there. at least before i turn 30, i hope i get what i deserve. been working my ass off. i hope tides would turn for me and everything would be good.
lent my ipod to mark, mainly because he has to choreograph eten's cotillion and partly because i felt guilty of being the technophobic that i am. i really should learn how to work a computer... it was a sad goodbye.

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