Tuesday, April 26, 2005


spent most of the day in bed. i finally got to read the book raena lent me. nice, easy reading...slept mostly, too. i only got up to cook lunch, bathe ali. and eat.
dad knows about my tattoo. he was smiling when he mentioned it to me. i guess he knew that i am most capable of getting one. well, i got 2 but it doesn't matter anymore.
what a relief. at least he gave me the pleasure of not explaining myself.
was able to watch the first half of "raging bull" today. i've been aching for so long to see it. unfortunately for me, i had to go to work. hay...it's good that i found out last week how to fast forward vcds. i gotta squeeze that in my waking hours this week.
i finally got my ipod back. i missed it a lot. i got new songs! thanks to raena; what would i do without her? never met someone as available, flexible, tough, kind-hearted, and thoughtful as her. not to mention skillful in a lot of things. eh, parasite ako.wehehe. hoooy, balang araw matututo din ako magdownload...sige,i'll study that as soon as i learn all the functions of all the buttons sa microsoft word...
technophobic. computer illiterate. poor me.
hmp. i really feel taken for granted sometimes. but i can't help being really nice. it's my nature. nature ko maging tanga.
i'm on a roll.it's still early and i've exceeded my quota for the hour. mahirap na mawalan ng trabaho. hehe.
i have nothing much in my mind today. i feel good inspite the fact that he doesn't text me with smileys anymore. yaha! ang shallow ko talaga. major looney.
i want to write a book.

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