Sunday, April 17, 2005

hay sundays...

i was so hungry the last time i posted something here...grabe para kong maloloka. mumai ate all the siomais i brought kasi eh...kung di ko lang mahal sya...well, we had a breakfast feast naman after the shift eh. had fun with the team. weird lang...friday morning, we ate at marilena's. there were five of us and the bill was around Php 920. saturday morning, marilena's again, there were 21 of us. bill was Php 2350. disturbing.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! i don't want to have those breakfast dates again! they make me pack on the calories and exhaust my finances. bad.
just got home from the old spaghetti house...
i should stop eating.
i have a headache. too hot today. looking forward to tonight with mike and raens.
i haven't painted in 4 days already. i get too tired sleeping in the office. will paint the whole week i swear.
been experiencing money problems lately. but then again, it is surprising how money always seem to be ready when you really need it. god's good. it's something one shouldn't think about so much. i wonder why people let money or the lack of it affect them. if it's there, go ahead, save up, use it, splurge, but if there's none, e di wala.matulog ka na lang. wag ka gumastos. period.
eten's cleaning up the room. the way i used to a long time ago. she's scrubbed the bed posts. it shocked her to find out that our old bunk bed's a pretty yellow pala. now, it all looks girly and all. thing is, we can't sleep in the room. i'm squatting in my studio for the week. less temptations pa. sleep is my only enemy there.
visited papang today. he looks weak. it broke my heart when he smiled when i entered his bedroom. i felt guilty. i haven't been visiting him lately. bakit kaya, pag mas malapit, parang mas mahirap puntahan? i used to commute to sta. mesa once a week before just to see him. now, he's almost just a block away, and i find it hard to go. will see to it that i visit more than two times a week. i'm the only one he never forgets eh. love papang so much. hahaha! sometime ago, papang said i have a kid na daw. si ali. aba, si papang, iniintriga ako.
i feel weird. haha. i am actually happy. genuinely happy. everything's okay now.

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