Wednesday, April 13, 2005

black russians at Php68 !!!

woke up at 3 after less than 4 hours of sleep. i was so tired when i got to my studio, i fell asleep without even opening the windows and airing the room. didn't even touch a brush. by the time i got up, the air inside was so stuffy and i was sweating like hell. got a slight headache because my phone kept ringing while i was asleep.

decided to get up after camille called me up. i got to glorietta a little earlier than everyone. met up with zoomie at the krocodille grille. raech and terrie soon came. missed them a lot. had a lot of fun. too bad, not everyone made it. hope i'd see them again soon.

thanks, zooms!! happy birthday! happy birthday, everyone! and that's for terrie, zoomie, pj, and claire. i'll greet the others next week.

half of my pet pill, a bottle of red horse, a glass of black russian, and a coke. nice combination. i wonder where this will go.

half ran, half walked, and half limped back to the office.

i feel whoozy. weng-weng!

been emailing this guy through hi5. hmmm...he sounds smart. that's nice.

i hate coaching sessions. find 'em so dumb. i miss tey!

am i too noisy? i don't think so. i know when to shut up. i just don't like being stereotyped. someone once gave me a comment about, that there's one like me in every class. class clown? duh.

i am one of 'em special people. my kind is very rare, sorry. we are the people most left misunderstood. we get weird stares from strangers. we are beyond norm. we are our own. we are the people who get together usually on sunday nights, in antipolo, drinking red wine and sharing outrageous stories, exchanging unusual points of views, discussing taxes(ahahaha!!!whoa! look at us now! we are gettingolder!). this set of people gives me enlightenment and a sense of belonging. these people are the wisest i have ever known. their minds are as broad as the sky, their love for life ends where the horizon ends.

love each one of my pack dearly. we will grow old together.

i'm sleepy.

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