Friday, April 22, 2005


so this is how memory loss feels...

mental note: i have to go back to megamall to retrace what happened last wednesday night.

ladida...i missed a day.

i have a new nephew, born today, well, yesterday actually. he didn't have a name yet when i came to visit. will visit again later tonight.

regarding my mental state, carrie just told me today that my pet pills produce enzymes. my body's adjusted to it and i have a high tolerance level na. uh oh.

my hormone pills make me sleepy.

nerisona combi fights pimples best.

mane and tail doesn't really work.

bisolvon is a mucolytic.

i haven't had a virus in a long time. i only get mean throat irritations.

no, i am not a hypochondriac.

stickers. stuck one on a public toilet sign at the antipolo church parking lot. i also "stickered" a bpi atm here in makati. just along ayala. loved the feeling. cheap thrills.

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