Sunday, April 24, 2005

well. i didn't dream what i had for dinner wednesday night. hay. will be more careful with what i take.
i'm watching sunday afternoon variety shows. sometimes life becomes so monotonous.
spent the night with my "suburban chick" friends and my bestie, jeje. had a fun time, but i was fighting off sleep the hard way. i was so comfy lying down on the floor, my eyes kept closing. i had to go up and down the stairs to wake myself up. true, when you've had too much sleep, the lazier you get. we talked about the same old stuff...boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, sex and the city, dancing, friends abroad, and dead people. one thing out of the ordinary: we had ice last night. the boracay was good.
my friends keep telling me that the "after 6" diet works. the diet means you eat from 6am to 6pm. okay. if i try doing that, tell me, when do i eat? ...if it works that way, that means i can't eat. hmmm...papayat talaga ko nyan. do i eat from 6 pm to 6 am instead? i got lost there.
i have set goals for this year. top of my list is the exhibit. i'm aiming for the solo, but if it cant push through, i'll settle for a two person show. my top priority.
next is not to get terminated this year. oi, no joke. we can actually get terminated in a month's time. astig sila.well, i cant afford to lose my job just yet. i need to save up! i have to finance my art. and i'm going to sagada and palawan. i also need to buy shoes. pero i want to be a starving artist pala. para pumayat na ko.
the others, somewhat shallow. mostly ego-boosters. i just want to organize my life. but shempre i have to work really hard. i am saying goodbye to unnecessary time-consuming activites. will work on alot of things.
uh oh. i have to enroll in june. good luck. i have to work my butt off talaga this summer and finish all my paintings.
i still go look and check all that's associated with him...deep admiration...pathetic. sad sad thing. it was weird the last time we were together. when you both know what's going on with each other. but the topic was never brought up again. the wall i built really bothers me. there's a pattern here. i always concede. it gets boring.
dear god, make me a bird so i can fly far, far away...

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