Monday, April 04, 2005


it is weird that i write only about pain and death. here are some really short stories i wrote last year. don't worry, i'm not suicidal anymore.

"you did this to me. i'll show you i can't live without you," she told him. she told him all right. it peirced her flesh easily. warm dark blood flowed freely. "now you're truly free." she gasped one last time. "you're free."

after all, she truly is his. she closed the door behind her. her skin was cold. there was no warmth in her breath, no feeling on her skin. she hugged herself and cried without tears. after all, her heart is somewhere else. after all,she died a long time ago.

"i know this for a fact," he whispered. her tears were salty as they reached her lips. " i will stay forever." she put her arms around him. he pulled the trigger. they bled together.

freaky.well, my dark dreams make them most normal. enjoy.

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