Wednesday, April 20, 2005

random thoughts

i really pity people who can't think nicely of themselves. why do you have to put yourself down? you should love yourself more.

that's why i resent people who can't carry themselves well, who would be so conscious of stares after wearing this slightly unusual outfit, those with insecurities with no basis at all. well, we all have flaws but we don't have to dwell on them.

thought-- i am an ass most of the times. i don't want to have pretentious people around me. it's either you love me or you hate me. that's what bestie gino always say. i don't mind losing a so-called friend if you feel like it.

haha, wanted to try out if my prayers would be answered.asked for a sign. a text message. yup, got one all right. nye. wrong person.

it's almost 6am. i will be having coffee later. my excitement is soaring. spent 3 days without my caffeine...

will go to megamall later for my prints.hope they turned out well. i don't like getting disappointed over blurry pictures.

i am guilty of letting my insincerity issues get the best of me.

am i a good person? i don't feel like one anymore. because if not, i wish i'd just drop dead now.

i feel alone. i'm still happy, though. alone in the sense that i can't seem to find that one person who has the same wavelength as mine. i disappoint myself. i thought i did find one. but surprises never stop coming.

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